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We have had our facility for nearly 8 years now, and some of our equipment finally needs to be replaced—hurdles are getting testy, sand has been depleted in the long jump pit, our electronic scoreboard needs a software update, and we are ever-growing as a team.  In fact, this year is our biggest year ever with over 200- students participating in the program. That means added bus expenses, added headaches for coaches, and over-used equipment that has had all the tender-loving-care it can handle.


We are planning on buying new hurdles, new starting blocks, a new starter’s pistol and blanks, new throwing implements (Javelin, shot put, discuss), updated safety apparatus for our throwing areas, and every year we need to cover the basic cost of attending meets and paying for our transportation to and from meets.  We know that your donation is valued, and we are extremely careful with handling where the money goes.


We can’t wait to show you what we’re capable of out on the track. We work hard all year to improve our times and our marks in each of our individual events. Additionally, our coaches work tirelessly every single day throughout track season to make sure that we are at our very best for the biggest meets of the year. We are extremely excited and happy about your support for our program, and we promise not to disappoint!

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