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Pixar Travel Study

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This campaign ends on the March 30th.


The cost for the students who have worked very hard to earn this opportunity have to pay their way entirely. While every effort is made to keep the costs as low as possible, the students need help raising money to cover the needed expenses.  


Donations will go towards students fees to go on the Pixar Travel Study trip.  These fees include hotel, airfare, food, entrance fees to museums, and transportation there.  Without donations some of these students may not be able to go.

Claire Atkin


Animation has always been a passion of mine, and through this class I have been able to see my dream come to life. Having the opportunity to visit places I plan on working someday is amazing! I’ll be able to see the real world application of the work I am doing.

Rhys Moore


Before I took this class I had no knowledge about 3D graphics of any kind, but after the first assignment or two, I found out that I really enjoy being able to create like this. As the year has gone on I have started enjoying even more and can now see myself pursuing this as a career. I hope to see what this looks like in the professional field and possibly find some way to get a jump start on a career into something like this.

Benson Probst


I have been in 3D graphics for 3 years, and working towards this trip every year. I have been so excited to go, and have worked so hard in 3D graphics and animation to make it to Pixar. I hope to learn about Pixar and how it is possible to get a career in the industry. I look at this trip like the beginning of my 3D career, and cannot wait to go.


Thank you very much for taking the time to view our class fundraiser.  These students in my 3D Graphics & Animation class have worked very hard to have this opportunity to go to Pixar and learn from someone firsthand who works at Pixar.  They will have the opportunity to see the entire film making process and what it takes to get into the industry. We will also tour various industry sites around San Francisco and some of the local attractions.  Many of these students have worked for four years towards this opportunity and appreciate any support you may be able to give. Please share this with your family and friends on all of your favorite social media.  Any support you can give is greatly appreciated by both me and the students. -Mr. Lange

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